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My first ever job at the age of 16 was as front of house at a local Greene King pub, The Ship Inn - Where my roles consisted of everything from serving food, clearing tables, making deserts, and bar work. During an annual review, it was mentioned that our Facebook page wasn't performing well, and I said that I was in the middle of my design degree and could help. Following that, over several years, I have produced work for 20+ pubs around the country across different brands within Greene King. This includes social media management, poster and flyer design, along with products such as lanyards, badges, and booklets.

For more information about Greene King, visit:

The design work shown below is my own produced on behalf of the company, often using their assets to ensure consistency across the brand. All copyright belongs to Greene King and their associated brands, Hungry Horse, Wacky Warehouse, Farmhouse Inns, etc. 

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